Cumberland Farms

With over 600 locations, Cumberland Farms is one of the largest privately-held convenience store chains in the country. Through a partnership with ResultStack, they maintain their industry leadership with an innovative mobile app called SmartPay. The app allows customers to activate a fuel pump and earn 10¢ off per gallon, pay for in-store items, and earn free stuff all from the convenience of an iOS or Android device.


Launched in 2013, Cumberland Farms’ loyalty program known as SmartPay had slowly transformed from a card-based program to a mobile app. By 2017, the app’s underlying platform had become less than stable and the user interface was in need of a refresh. Cumberland Farms engaged with ResultStack to transform not only the consumer-facing apps on both platforms, but also re-architect the backend infrastructure and overlay new value-added features to this critical business system, supporting millions of transactions each day.

Project Scope &
Technical Needs

  • Real-time Communication Between All Systems
  • Multiple Hardware and Software Integration Points
  • Scalable Cloud-Architecture Designed to Support a High Volume of Data
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Customer Support and Marketing Portals
scope & needs


Working closely with Charles Jarrett, Cumberland Farms Chief Information Officer, ResultStack instituted a rapid, highly-iterative process that designed, developed and deployed the third generation of SmartPay over the course of just three months.

In its role as a consultative partner, ResultStack planned, implemented and deployed features and enhancements to increase customer engagement, increase in-store sales and remove friction from the payment process. Through a process of rapid prototyping, testing and deployment, ResultStack was able to deliver an overhaul of the app experience for the occasion of the SmartPay fifth anniversary.


Despite starting with a 2.0 rating and a few hundred reviews, Cumberland Farm’s SmartPay app now enjoys a 4.9 app store rating with over 10,000 reviews. In September 2018, Charles Jarrett was named “Technology Leader of the Year” by Convenience Store News, which cited SmartPay as a leading transformation.

“ResultStack is a very trusted partner of ours at Cumberland Farms … They brought many fresh methods and approaches to the Company and truly sought to understand our business and the challenges we face ... I know I can count on them to uphold standards and deliver on promises. We have leveraged their expertise in re-architecting and envisioning our mobile application with phenomenal results.”

Charles Jarrett


Cumberland Farms