Serverless functions are extremely popular for a lot of great reasons. They can be cheap. They can scale. You can literally write a function and deploy it in seconds. On June 24th at 6:00 PM EST, Tyler Jennings will speak online at the Central Ohio .NET Developer's Group about Azure Functions and how to best utilize them to accomplish workflows.

He will answer questions such as: How do I minimize cold starts? and When should I use Durable Functions? Tyler will also do some compare and contrast with AWS Lambda to see how the two platforms differ and how that might affect your approach to solving problems.

Tyler is a Senior Consultant with ResultStack. Starting in IT almost 15 years ago in Systems and Networking, he made the switch halfway through his career to software, with a passion for web development. Most of his professional time is spent in .NET, Node, Angular, React, Ionic, and React Native, but is an FP enthusiast and loves to learn new languages and paradigms whenever possible.

To watch Tyler's free presentation, follow the link below and click the red 'Attend Online' button: