ResultStack, a digital consulting and software development group headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, launched Social Distancing Perks, a mobile app that allows you earn points for socially responsible behaviors. The mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, allows a user to create an account, set an isolation location and earn points which can be redeemed for discounts while sheltering in place.

Rewards are available for online shopping, food delivery and other goods and services that can be fulfilled with contactless delivery. The app also includes weekly raffles that can be entered by all active users.

“We want to reward users for doing the right thing and sheltering in place,” said Ben Farmer, chief executive officer, “At the same time, the mobile platform gives retail businesses that are struggling with decreased foot traffic the opportunity to continue to engage with consumers virtually.”

In addition to the benefits offered to consumers, businesses can also benefit by offering rewards of their choice to consumers who use the app. Existing retailers have offered discounts on food delivery, retail goods and gift cards. The platform seeks to offer exposure to both local businesses as well as national brands. Businesses can allow users to redeem points to access checkout codes for online shopping discounts or free services. For businesses that don’t already offer online shopping, the app platform offers an option to participate in a gift card raffle.

“The Social Distancing Perks platform gives businesses a great opportunity to endorse social distancing while still reaching isolated consumers,” stated Farmer. “In that way, we hope to create a win-win during these difficult times.”

The app was conceptualized, designed and developed by ResultStack, a digital consultancy and development company with clients throughout the United States.

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