Speed and efficiency are a driving force in any business climate, but that is especially true today in the convenience store industry. As an enterprise you want to be able to monitor sales at any given time and with any given item, region or other selection criteria. Despite speed being so crucial to business, reporting systems can sometimes lag days behind. When presented with this problem by one client in the c-store space, ResultStack was called on to offer a solution. 

At the beginning of the planning process, many questions were raised. How do we get data out of the point of sale system at a given store? Then, how do we actually process that data? On top of that, how do we make this work at enterprise scale? 

To address the initial problem, two approaches were developed. First, an attempt was made to utilize a log file. However, the data was hard to interpret by human users and even harder to accurately parse for reporting systems. This was not a reliable solution. For our second attempt, we worked with the client’s point of sale team to uncover structured information in a transactional way, allowing both human and digital consumption of the order data. 

With so many files to pull to monitor, ResultStack built a tool that would listen for file changes in real time and then upload the appropriate information to the cloud. Then, relevant data was automatically parsed and persisted into a scalable database. A series of real-time reports were built to highlight critical sales information. 

As with any enterprise solution, there is always a challenge with scale. A solution may work for ten stores, but will it work for one hundred stores? What about one thousand stores? Through thoughtful architecture and design, we were able to address these concerns. Over the past three months, the solution has processed hundreds of millions of transactions from thousands of stores. 

Our process of understanding the business goals and architecting a solution that scales, provides a competitive advantage to our client. Real time insights help drive ROI for the enterprise by allowing a faster reaction to sales trends. 

Want to find out how we can help your enterprise discover hidden insights through developing a scalable solution to monitor real time sales data? Let’s chat.