As an enterprise owner, you want to be fully aware of key business events going on with your Convenience Store. Whether it be a pump failure or sales happening within the store, you want a wide scale view for detection. ResultStack does this very well. We have created open API invoices at the time of a client’s last inventory audit, specific alerting that PDI can’t always solve. 

With a system as large as PDI, there are countless key business events that can need to be tracked. It’s one thing to constantly monitor your reports to see whether your system is operating correctly. It’s quite another to have your system tell you when something is amiss. We have proven experience configuring and creating systems that monitor other systems. Constant system monitoring can be a waste of valuable employee time and a little bit demeaning. We believe in the idea of lean manufacturing, where you utilize employees to their fullest capacity and machines to its fullest capacity. Why have an employee do the job of a computer? Allow a human to do the job of a human and a machine to do the job of a machine. 

ResultStack has worked with industry giants to develop alerting for key business events and we would love to work with your enterprise. We have the tools and experience to help your enterprise get every bit of information out of PDI reporting that is needed to maximize profit and best utilize employees.