Over the past year, the way businesses operate has drastically changed. Covid-19 has caused a lot of businesses to take a step back and look at how their operations function, from the office all the way to deliveries. Convenience Store enterprises are no exception to this internal revelation. In order for businesses to survive, especially in this climate, digital integrations are absolutely necessary.

One major digital integration taking place for c-store enterprises is the use of mobile devices instead of paper. Reducing the use of paper in the warehouse and delivery process can not only help reduce costs, but also creates a more efficient process. By using a mobile device to input warehouse and delivery data, the whole delivery process can shift to be automated. Instead of a driver handwriting the needed data, which leaves room for human error, it can be typed into a mobile device and sent straight to the office. With less time focusing on filling out paperwork, drivers are able to make more deliveries, resulting in more of your stores being served in a day. Because workflow can now be managed in one device, data accuracy and time efficiency are improved, all while paper costs are being cut. 

Another important digital integration that c-store enterprises are using is loyalty programs through mobile applications. Loyalty programs are growing in popularity as the world grows more digital. To improve customer loyalty, many enterprises are increasing their efforts in loyalty programs through mobile applications to provide customers who join with special discounts and deals, driving said customers to their stores. This technology has developed quite a bit since the days of punch cards! Now, with the analytics gathered through customers’ unique loyalty information, special merchandise selections can be made specifically tailored to an individual customer. This creates a unique experience for a customer and will keep customers coming back. This integration will give your enterprise merchandise data that will help determine price strategies and which items are more popular than other items.

Businesses are growing increasingly more digital and there are no signs of this slowing down; don’t get left behind. We have created digital integrations like these for other c-store enterprises and are ready to develop more for yours. If there is a digital integration that your enterprise needs, we can build it. Not only can we create a unique integration for your enterprise, but we can provide continuous delivery for it. Enterprises that use these types of integrations in their business operations experience copious success, so keep up with the digital progression and let us build a digital integration for your business operations today.