At ResultStack’s core, we strive to provide the best result possible to our clients. It’s half of our company’s name for a reason. We’re often presented with a challenge in a client’s business that requires building custom solutions from a service platform API or service. These solutions often involve building a unique software from an underlying communications platform, like a chatbot, text message or reporting service. We take pride in accepting any client’s challenge and building using time-saving platforms where possible.

One client was in need of a way to check on their food service employees' health in a way that would not compromise personal privacy. Using Azure Bot Service, we developed a chatbot to determine if an employee should report to work or not. The bot asks a series of questions to determine potential health risks associated with an employee who is not feeling well. The solution was in place prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and has since been used for early detection of the virus among frontline staff.

Another client in the convenience store industry was in search of an enterprise break detection system that would allow them to receive alerts from gas pumps, monitor flow rates, alert for end of life filters and provide maintenance notifications when a pump was out of receipt paper.  ResultStack built an integration to receive RFS files, ingest them and send outbound alerts to maintenance using SMS services from Twilio. Integrations like these allow companies to make preemptive choices and alert appropriate staff of potential problems much faster than maintenance ticket systems. 

Custom solutions built on existing communications platforms help enterprises stay ahead of the curve. This was especially true for a client who wanted to be as proactive about handling recalls. Recalls are a time sensitive manner, so having the technology in place to get a recalled item off of the shelfs is very important. Our client wanted a way to quickly communicate recalled items to every store in their enterprise at the same time. We built a custom platform using Twilio to do just that. If spinach was being recalled, for example, a series of messages would be sent to every store with the proper operational instructions to handle the recall. This integration saves our client from multiple issues that come from recalled items being sold, including sickness or even lawsuits. 

Solutions that integrate with existing platforms like these help solve the needs that enterprise owners face in their businesses and we love building them. Our success derives from the success of our clients, which come from their business needs being fulfilled. If your enterprise is facing a challenge or issue, contact us today and let’s build an integration that fulfills your needs, that way we both find success.