Convenience Store companies across the world utilize enterprise reporting to highlight data trends so that they can be better informed to make business decisions. Companies like PDI do a great job facilitating a broad scope of data, but what happens when your company needs refined enterprise reporting that PDI can’t offer? ResultStack has been filling in these gaps in enterprise reporting with c-store enterprise clients for a number of years. 

PDI’s ability to work within a specific reporting batch is great, but we often have clients who seek a view of information across batches or a broader scope or scale than can be easily discovered. ResultStack has experience creating countless custom reporting for these clients. Our team knows exactly how to navigate the PDI database to find and extract highly relevant data that is not easily reported in PDI. Some of the data points that we have pulled from the PDI database include:

  • All open unposted journal entries across batches
  • Paperwork exceptions across the organization
  • Fuel Inventory exceptions and anomaly detection
  • AP Invoice and Vendor Statement reconciliation across vendors, stores, statements

When it comes to developing custom reporting, one danger is misinterpreting data that is not properly sourced or understood. ResultStack has a unique understanding of the PDI data that allows us to produce, validate and deploy custom reporting you can trust. Custom reporting provides unique insights, answers persistent business questions and offers competitive advantages.

By creating adaptive reporting to augment the standard PDI reports, our clients are able to derive more value from their enterprise reporting platform. ResultStack has the experience, industry expertise and unique knowledge of the PDI data structures to fill any gaps in your enterprise reporting. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you augment your PDI reporting needs.