Convenience Stores accrue plenty of data over time, such as merchandise sales and fuel consumption. If you are running a c-store enterprise, you know how important extracting and managing this data can be. Database analytics assist in developing different strategies, such as fuel pricing strategies or merchandise pricing strategies, to maximize a business’s profits. For this reason, finding a company to properly extract and save these database analytics should be a top priority.

The PDI database menu settings keep information for a certain amount of days in its history. Obviously, database information is not something your business ever wants to delete. Not deleting information can slow down a database quite a bit, so how do we have a fast database that stores all business operations information? By using an Extract, Transform, Load Process, or ETL, the ResultStack team is able to transfer the data, but not delete it. 

By creating robust ETL processes to copy data in an ongoing fashion before it’s deleted into an external reporting database, we can maximize retention and also optimize database indexing to provide fast querying for the information you most want to see. With the complexity and size of PDI databases, maintaining accuracy in analytics is highly important. Our team is experienced with keeping data integrity and accuracy; we know exactly how to get all of the data while not transferring the data multiple times. When data is transferred multiple times, it can lead to inaccuracy.  

Our team is also skilled in sales reporting with time intelligence. Time intelligence simply means BI, or Business Intelligence, calculations over any given amount of time. For example, you want to know sales reporting based on year over year, or month over month. Our process can break these analytics into whichever amount of time necessary to meet the request of a client. 

Using processes like ETL and time intelligence to view analytics, we are able to give our clients the most accurate reports so that their enterprise can operate to its fullest potential.  Are you ready to reach your c-store enterprise’s full potential? Contact ResultStack, the PDI database analytics experts, today.