ResultStack had the opportunity to create results for a startup organization called Truck2Table. Truck2Table is a collective impact project whose framework is to tackle deeply entrenched and complex social problems, mainly around food insecurity within the Knox County area. Truck2Table has a multi-prong approach to serve the community’s food needs: Field and Yield, Truck2Table, and GroceryVIP. The first platform, Field and Yield, is geared towards farmers and allows them to sell fresh produce directly to consumers. The second platform, Truck2Table, connects low income families and senior citizens to meal kits that they can pick up from predetermined locations. The last platform, GroceryVIP, helps low income families with purchases of healthy packages of grocery items. This incredible organization was in search of a software development agency to create multiple apps to serve all of these platforms.

Our team started the process by using React Native mobile applications. React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Web and UWP by enabling developers to use React along with native platform capabilities. We also used Amazon Web Services, or AWS, for a cloud computing platform and APIs. The backend includes NodeJS and a Postgres database.

The result we brought to Truck2Table was just what they needed. The three applications supported their mission and the work they hope to achieve in Knox County. They continue to serve a real need in the community and we continue to work with them on new features to constantly serve the community better and respond to current conditions. Recently, ResultStack assisted in adding new user-defined delivery capabilities to the Field and Yield platform. We have enjoyed working with Truck2Table and appreciate the amazing work they do in the community.